Winter Art Programs

painting with acrylics on canvas

School Age

Acrylic on Canvas: Winter Landscape 9-12yrs

Whether you love to paint or want to learn the basics of acrylic painting, this workshop will guide you step by step from sketching an idea to a winter inspired landscape.  All supplies included.
Delbrook, Arts & Crafts Room
64141  Sa Jan 24  1:00-3:00pm

Pottery Piglets 9-12yrspottery pig

If you love pottery and you love pigs, this workshop is for you!  This two-part series will include step by step instruction, some fun techniques as well as glazing to create your own personalized piglets.  
Delbrook, Arts & Crafts Room
64142  Sa Feb 21  1:00-3:00pm

Cartooning Creations 9-12yrs

Join us for this fun and creative workshop and learn how to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters.  Explore and develop your own ideas while learning some cartoon fundamentals to bring your characters to life. 
Delbrook, Arts & Crafts Room
64143  Sa Mar 7  1:00-3:00pm

Acrylic & Mixed Media 9-12yrs 

A fun opportunity to explore acrylic painting with a variety of other materials, such as ink, pastels, sand and collage items to create a unique portrait under the sea. 
Delbrook, Arts & Crafts Room
64144  Sa Mar 7  1:00-3:00pm


Sketchbook Challenges 12-17yrs

Refine your drawing talent. Participants will be given a different sketchbook challenge each session working up to the EPIC Mash-up Dragon sat by a streamSketchbook Challenge Finale. 
Parkgate, Art Studio
64962  F  Jan 15-Mar 12  5:15-6:30pm

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals 12-17 yrs 

By starting and keeping a sketchbook you will learn to document the world around you - as well as creating a visual document you can enjoy for years to come. Participants will be introduced to basic drawing and painting techniques as they relate to making art as mobile as possible. Sketching outside will also be incorporated – weather permitting. Basic Art kits will be provided.
John Braithwaite, Art Studio
70498 Tu  Jan 26-Mar 2  5:45-7:45pm


Acrylic All Levels

Continuous studio time for beginners to intermediates. A great place to work on your acrylic paintings with guidance. Maggie will walk you through the steps to begin your painting, discussing subject and surface and how to mix your colours with regular demos and discussions. Supplies extra.
Parkgate, Art Studio
66434  W  Jan 13-Mar 10 12:30-3:00pm

Mixed Media 18yrs & Up

Discover the joy of the unexpected. Learn to combine traditional mediums of drawing, painting and photography to experiment with traditional and digital collage. Supply list will be discussed in the first session.
John Braithwaite, Art Studio
64224 Th   Jan. 14-Feb 4  5:45-7:45pm

How to Take Better Snapshots

A workshop for the beginner to intermediate photographer who wants to take better pictures, but doesn't want to get hung up on a bunch of technical stuff. Want people to say "WOW!" when they see your pictures? Then this is the short-cut workshop for you! Learn several short cuts to a good image. Bring your camera and be prepared to practice your new skills. Taught by Pamela Westerman who has 17-years of professional photographer experience.
Parkgate, Pottery Studio & Gym
65175 Sa Jan 23 2:00-3:30pm

Natural Light Dog Portraits

Learn about using natural light, contrast, point of view, and play to make for the best portraits ever! Sorry, pets stay home.  Taught by Photo of pet dogPamela Westerman who has 17-years of professional photographer experience.
Parkgate Pottery Studio & Gym
65190 Sa Feb 27  2:00-3:30pm

No Fear Manual Camera Settings

How to use shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field to your advantage. Each workshop will focus on each of these three key elements to allow you to go past what "auto" settings can produce. No more silhouettes when you want a sunset portrait! Bring your camera with manual settings. Learning needs doing. Taught by Pamela Westerman who has 17-years of professional photographer experience.
Parkgate Pottery Studio & Gym
65184 Sa Feb 20  2:00-3:30pm

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