Our fitness centres are open for visits booked in advance.

You'll find spaces are a little different with safety measures and physical distancing in place, but we are really happy to welcome customers. 

Staff are working hard to provide the opportunity for our community to get back to being active in the fitness centres. NVRC appreciates customers supporting staff by following directions from staff and avoiding the use of equipment marked as out of use.

All visits to attend a fitness centre require advance booking (previously these were drop-in admissions).

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Fitness Memberships

NVRC is pleased to introduce an updated Fitness Membership. The membership includes fitness centre sessions plus lane swimming and public swimming and skating. Learn more

Fitness Centre Opening Hours

The opening hours for our fitness centres can be found here. All visits to our fitness centres must be registered in advance, we cannot accept drop-in admisisons.

Frequently Asked Questions
New Mask Protocol

When visiting one of our fitness centres, you're now required to wear a mask at all times. Masks can only be removed while using cardio machines and while drinking. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.


Registration will open each Monday at 9:00am to register for the following week. Each session will be 75 minutes (1hr 15 minutes) long and customers are limited to one booking per day.

Register online

If you wish to cancel your registration, our refund policy applies.

Arriving at the facility

Please arrive at the front entrance of the facility 10 minutes before your scheduled time for check-in and to answer COVID-19 screening questions. If you appear to be sick, you will not be allowed entry, please stay home if you are sick. Come dressed to participate and leave your valuables at home as lockers and cubbies are not in use. There is limited access to washrooms.

Leaving the facility

Participants will be asked to leave promptly when their booking time is over. Directional arrows are on the ground for exiting and staff will assist in directing people out.


The facility will have a full clean each day and high-touch areas will be cleaned periodically through the day.  Participants are required to clean equipment before and after use, spray the paper towel with the spray provided to clean the equipment. Staff will be available to answer any questions. 

Water Bottles

Water fountains are available for filling bottles at Delbrook but are not available at Harry Jerome or Parkgate. Customers are advised to bring their own full water bottle.

Updated Fitness Centre Etiquette Guide

In response to COVID-19 we have updated the fitness centre etiquette guide:

Everyone at our Centre has a responsibility to:

  • Treat each other with respect, courtesy, fairness and equality.
  • Respect everyone regardless of diversity or ability.
  • Use the facility and equipment in a safe and appropriate way.
  • Answer the COVID-19 screening questions prior to entering the facility.
  • Wash their hands before and after workouts. Avoid touching your face during workout.
  • Adhere to physical distancing rules (2 m apart).

The following are a few simple rules for all to abide by:

  • Conduct yourself respectfully at all times. Approach others and staff in a friendly and respectful way.
  • Do not use equipment that has been identified as “Not in Use”.
  • Wipe down all equipment before and after use. Spray the paper towel and then wipe down equipment. Please do not spray directly on the equipment. 
  • Do not share equipment.
  • Profanity, shouting and excessive grunting are not acceptable.
  • Taking photos and videos is not permitted without prior authorization.
  • Mobile device use is permitted where it does not cause a distraction.
  • Phone calls should be taken outside of the Fitness Centre.
  • Observe and follow procedures for cardio use.
  • Uncontrolled and repetitive weight dropping is not permitted. See staff for clarification regarding Olympic lifting.
  • Be respectful of the registered fitness centre time.
  • No scents.
  • Individuals 15 years and up may access the fitness centre. Those under 15 years are required to complete an approval process for independent access.
  • Use equipment according to manufacturer’s recommended use.
  • Do not ‘work’ in-between sets or vacate stations between sets with others.
  • Avoid person-to-person contact with others while spotting with use of bar catches and the two spotter technique. 
  • All weights/dumbbells/equipment MUST be cleaned and put away when done to prevent hazards.
  • Avoid resting bars and weights on benches between sets.
  • Wear appropriate exercise clothing and athletic footwear in the facility during your workout.
  • Candy, food and gum are not permitted. Unbreakable beverage containers with closed lids are acceptable.
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