Private Piano or Voice Lessons 15yrs&up

Please choose Piano or Voice lesson No staff discount for private lessons. Materials to be purchased separately. Will be sent list one week prior to class starting. Before purchasing material, please discuss with instructor at first class to determine which book is appropriate for you. If you are less than 15yrs old and registering in this class you will be refunded the GST after the class has started. If not in age category okay to override age.

Piano Lessons - One on one lessons focusing on: reading music, theory, sight reading, ear training, technique, performance and how to be creative on the piano! This course is customizable to the level and interest of students ranging from youth or adult beginner to advanced. Books used are either Faber Piano Adventures, RCM or All-In-One Adult Course. Materials
extra. (Laura S.)

Voice Lessons - One on one voice lessons: learn proper vocal technique, music theory, how to read music using solfege and have fun singing your favourite songs! Sing songs in a wide range of genres. Students will also have the opportunity to make recorded demos of their songs as they progress.
Materials Extra. (Laura S.)

Program ID:
August 20, 2019
6:00PM to 6:30PM
Course Fee: $63
Age Range:
Meeting Room C04
Parkgate Community Centre
Laura S

Program Dates

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