Personal Training

Personal Training

Is Personal Training for You?

  • Are you new to fitness and need some guidance in the fitness centre? 
  • Need motivation?  
  • Do you have a goal you are trying to achieve? 
  • Looking to change things up and build a new work out?
  • Are you rehabilitating from an injury?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then personal training may be just what you need.

Benefits of Personal Training

Our team of personal trainers are highly educated, professionally certified and have the experience and expertise to make your workout more focused and efficient.  Our trainers will develop a personalized program based on your current fitness level and your goals. We provide support and encouragement and test your limits as we help you attain your goals.  Our trainers will also inject fun into your workout by offering variety and new exercises to your program. 

How do I get started?

  • A great place to start is with our Get Started Consultation and Fitness Centre Orientation - see below
  • Fill out our online Personal Training Request Form or speak to a Fitness Centre Supervisor to set up an appointment.
  • Delbrook Centre: 604-983-6537 
  • Harry Jerome Centre: call 604-983-6406 
  • John Braithwaite Centre: call 604-983-6475  
  • Karen Magnussen Centre: 604-983-6559 
  • Parkgate Centre: 604-983-6368 
  • Ron Andrews Centre: 604-983-6522 
Get Started Consultation

New to Fitness?

Our staff can help you start right with a Get Started Session.

This session is the perfect start - a professional personal trainer will help you develop a plan to meet your health and fitness goals. They will discuss what you need, whether it's goal-setting, nutrition, weight management, or conditioning, and take you through the strength and cardio machines in our fitness centres. When you book a consultation, please tell us if you have specific needs (such as post-injury rehab, post-cardiac rehab, pre/post natal training, or training for other chronic or degenerative diseases).

Interested?  Call 604-987-Play (7529) to book your consultation or fill out the Personal Training Request Form now and we will be in touch with you to set up an appointment.  Cost is just $10.50 for fitness members. Non-members pay $31.35.

Fitness Centre Orientation

Get a general overview of how to use the equipment in our fitness centres, find out about fitness centre etiquette, and ask us your fitness related questions. Free with a fitness membership or pay a fitness drop-in. Just call the fitness centre you would like to visit:

  • Delbrook Centre: 604-983-6537
  • Harry Jerome Centre: call 604-983-6406
  • John Braithwaite Centre: call 604-983-6475
  • Karen Magnussen Centre: 604-983-6555
  • Parkgate Centre: 604-983-6368
  • Ron Andrews Centre: 604-983-6522
Personal Training Rates

Private Personal Training

How many sessions do I need? That depends on your goals and your budget.

Fill out our online Personal Training Request Form or contact our Fitness Centre Supervisors  (see below) to help you determine what is right for you.   

All personal training sessions are approximately 55 minutes in length.


Private Personal Training Fees

1 session


3 sessions


6 sessions


12 sessions


Prices include tax.

Small Group Training

Group support can be a great motivator. Choose between semi-private or small group training. Get together with up to 4 of your friends or family members, choose the times you want to work out, and we will provide the trainer.

Small Group Training Fees 2019 2 People 3 - 4 People
3 Sessions $120.39/person $85.99/person
6 Sessions $230.46/person $161.67/person
12 Sessions $419.65/person $282.06/person

Prices include tax.

Cancellations & Refunds

Refunds are given when a cancellation is made 24 hour in advance.
Good for 1 year from date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why workout with a Personal Trainer?

Our trainers will assess you physically and discuss your fitness goals. Then they will develop a plan which works for YOU, because one plan does not fit all. They will help you achieve your goals, support you and encourage you along the way. They can push you and test your limits (safely), as they may have a better idea of what you are capable of. They can also make your workout more fun by offering a variety of exercises, so you aren't stuck doing the same old thing.

What are the benefits?

A Personal Trainer has the expertise to make your workout more focused and efficient. They will show you how to use equipment correctly and safely, and tell you which exercises you should avoid. They will be your personal cheer squad and motivate you to work harder, and reach your goals sooner.

What qualifications do NVRC Personal Trainers have?

Our staff are highly trained. To become a NVRC Health & Lifestyle Consultant you need to hold a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer, or CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services) certification. Many of our consultants also have NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) Certified Personal Trainer or Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certifications. A large number of them also have degrees in Kinesiology, Physical Education or Human Kinetics.

How many sessions do I need?

That depends on your goals and your budget. Book a Get Started Consultation with one of our Health & Lifestyle Consultants and after assessing your goals and expectations, they will discuss your options. Are you good at following a plan? Maybe once a month is all you need. Do you need accountability and someone to constantly push you? The once or twice a week may be your best option!

Meet our Fitness Centre Supervisors


Shawn TothShawn Toth

B.Sc. (Human Kinetics), BCAK, NCCP (Level 1)


Harry Jerome

Rob WynenRob Wynen

B.Sc. (Kinesiology), BCAK (Registered Kinesiologist), CSEP-CEP

John Braithwaite

Connie RussellConnie Russell

Certified Personal Trainer, CFES
604-983-6475 email


Karen Magnussen

Darrin JonesDarrin Jones

BHK (Human Kinetics) BCRPA & Canfit Pro


Tony CarabettaTony Carabetta

B.Sc. (Human Kinetics), CSCS

Ron Andrews

Paula CoburnPaula Coburn

M. Human Kinetics, BA, RHN
604-983-6522 email


Bryce Martin 

604-983-6522 email