Sport Council

Supporting Volunteer Community Sport

Incorporated in 1998 as a non-profit society, the North Vancouver Community Sport Council provides a common voice for sport and recreation in North Vancouver. This community-based group fosters, supports and promotes these activities by:

  • Acting as a forum for community groups to identify issues and find mutually beneficial solutions
  • Promoting and assisting with the development of volunteer leadership
  • Assisting community groups in fund-raising initiatives for sport and recreation
  • Helping organize major recreation and sports events that benefit North Vancouver residents.

For more information, please call Ron Holbrook at 604-983-6569 or .

Member Organizations

Member organizations include leagues, teams and associations that meet the following guidelines:

  • Maintain a head office or control in the City or District of North Vancouver
  • Have at least 75% of their membership live or work in the City or District
  • Permit any resident of the City or District to become a member
  • Set up primarily to operate teams, leagues, or recreation/sporting events
  • Ensure their membership is distinct and separate from other groups with similar objectives.