Green Necklace

Walking Level

The Green Necklace is an urban greenway that forms a 7.5km scenic loop around the City centre, linking historic parks and buildings, public spaces and commercial areas. 

An off-street multi-use path, the Green Necklace provides a safe transportation and recreational route for all ages and abilities. We designed the Green Necklace to enhance walkability in the City with important connections to other trail systems such as the North Shore Spirit Trail.

City of North Vancouver
Grand Boulevard,
Lonsdale West
Trail Condition
Nearest Intersection
23rd and Lonsdale
Start location
Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre
Walking distance
Dogs on leash,

Parking at the recreation centre, washrooms at the recreation centre

  • Walk to Lonsdale from Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre on 23rd Street.
  • Walk south on Lonsdale to 21st Street.
  • Turn right on 21st Street and continue to the end where you will see a path.
  • Stay on path to Jones Avenue.
  • Turn left and stay on Jones until you come to Keith Road.
  • Cross Keith Road, walk past grocery store then stay right on Keith Road.
  • Walk by the front of Queen Mary School.
  • Stay on Keith Rd. and cross Chesterfield to start of path that runs through Victoria Park.
  • Continue on path to where it takes a ‘Y’ — stay to the left to Lonsdale and Keith Road.
  • Cross at the Lonsdale and Keith Road intersection.
  • Enter Victoria Park path again walking past the cenotaph, and onward along Keith Rd. to St. Andrews.
  • Turn left on St. Andrews.
  • Turn right onto 9th Street to Grand Boulevard.
  • Go to the path that runs between Grand Blvd. West and Grand Blvd. East.
  • Turn left at the path, walk up to 19th St. and turn left again.
  • Turn right onto Queensbury & carry on to Greenwood Park.
  • Enter park and stay on trail as it curves around to the left.
  • Turn right when you come out of trail, then immediately turn right again and follow Ridgeway Avenue to 24th Street.
  • Stay straight on trail.
  • Trail takes you north then makes a sweep to the left and comes out at Grand Boulevard East (23rd Street).
  • Turn right, then immediately turn right again and follow Ridgeway Avenue 24th Street.
  • Turn left and continue on 24th Street straight through to big parking lot behind Centennial Theatre (Norseman Park)
  • Walk through parking lot to the covered walkway, then over the pedestrian overpass on 23rd to the front door of Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre.