King's Mill Walk (Auto Mall)

Walking Level: 

King’s Mill serves as a reminder of the mill that once stood at the foot of Fell Avenue. M. B. King Lumber operated here for almost 40 years, eventually employing over 200 people. Many of King’s descendents, and those of the mill’s workforce, continue to live in the Lower Mainland, including North and West Vancouver. While walking along this heritage path, look up and enjoy the bird house forest, a public art display of originally designed artistic bird houses.

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City of North Vancouver
South of Automall
Trail Condition: 
A mix of paved and well groomed gravel path
Nearest Intersection: 
Fell Avenue and Harbourside Place
Start location: 
Fell Avenue and Harbourside Place
Walking distance: 
  • Begin at Fell Avenue and Harbourside Place.
  • Follow path west along waterfront then north along Mosquito Creek.