Community Festivals & Special Events

Requirements of Park Use

The City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver maintain a large inventory of parks. Community events in parks and public open spaces are booked through the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission. To apply to have your event or festival considered in the annual event application review process, please contact Community Events at 604-983-6575 or email, or use our Community and Trail Event Application Form (PDF 437KB).

Event Application Review Process

  1. Applications / proposals received in Community Events office by January 31st of the event year. Late submissions may not be accepted
  2. Applications are reviewed for suitability of event activities in proposed location; capacity of proposed park, trail or plaza. Impact on, and benefit to the community; history of the event; nature of the organizing group.
  3. Status of event application is communicated to event applicant and the permit process begins

The Parks Departments of the City & District of North Vancouver have established the following responsibilities and policies to ensure that park visitors and neighbours are respected during festivals and special events. Please read these carefully, and make sure your event organizers and participants are aware of them before the event.

Obligations of the Event Organizing Committee

Designated event managers and designates shall be appointed and named on the permit to promote an effective communication link between event participants, neighbourhood residents, RCMP, and North Vancouver municipal staff (including bylaw officers).

Responsibilities of the Event Committee include:

  • Assign an event manager
  • Arrange for adequate insurance ($5million liability coverage in most circumstances)
  • Assign First Aid attendant
  • Plan your Food Service offerings. Please note that plans including Concessions and Food Trucks may not be permitted due to Concession Contract Rights in some parks.
  • Communication (including notifying the neighbourhood of your event)
  • Extra needs (such as port-o-potties, garbage bags and cans, bleachers, tents, etc.)
  • Garbage and clean-up
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Washroom cleaning and monitoring (supplies, etc.).
  • Carry event permit on-site during event.

Conditions of Park Event Use

Besides respecting other park visitors and neighbours, your event committee should also keep the following in mind.

  • Alcohol Consumption is prohibited except where approved by Special Event Permit, RCMP, and Park permission.
  • Dogs are not allowed on sports fields, playgrounds or picnic areas at any time.
  • Garbage, including picnic and concession materials, must be put in garbage containers or taken away. If garbage cans become full, please remove the garbage and add a new bag. Take full bags to a dumpster. The dumping of ice, excess juice, water, or food on grass areas is forbidden.
  • Gas, propane or hibachi barbecues are allowed in off-field areas, except when high to extreme fire danger exists.
  • General cleanup after the event must ensure that washrooms, and concession areas are left in a clean condition.
  • Noise from P.A. systems or loud speakers is not permitted near residential buildings without relaxation of the Noise Bylaws enacted by Mayor and Council.
  • Event start and stop times are between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Please respect neighbours when early set-up or takedown of equipment is required.
  • Parking and Traffic direction are the responsibility of event organizers. Please follow local parking regulations to avoid bylaw infractions and tickets. Park in local park or school parking lots, wherever possible, and where permission has been granted. Do not park in adjacent neighbourhoods. Event organizers may be required to notify residents, of the surrounding area, of the date and time that the proposed event is to be held, and ask for their patience with respect to parking and incoming / outgoing traffic. Event Organizers may be required to provide certified TCP to manage event traffic.
  • Food Service and Special Vending Concessions at events require permission. If your food service plan involves the services of a caterer or the preparation & service of food to members of the public event organizers are required to obtain a health permit from Vancouver Coastal Health (604-983-6700). Food Vendors are required to supply a copy of their insurance and health permit.
  • Washroom cleaning and supplies replacement is the responsibility of the event organizers. Caretakers are only on site to open and clean washrooms each morning.
  • Bouncy Castles and other inflatable devices require permission. Operators of inflatable bouncers & activities/rides with moving parts are required to provide proof of their own liability insurance and supply a copy of their BC Safety Authority Operator's License.

Things to Consider...

Environmental Awareness

  • Water is a precious resource, so please do your best to conserve it. Make sure hoses and taps are not left running during or after your event.
  • Carefully dispose of any grey water used in preparing food or washing up. Most storm grates empty straight into our local streams, so dumping dirty grey water into grates pollutes them (as well as the ocean). Find out from municipal staff where and how to safely dispose of grey water BEFORE your event. Large events may need to contact an independent contractor for grey water storage and disposal.
  • Motor oil and petrochemicals can seriously harm park ecosystems. Minimize vehicle use over grass or soil. If vehicles must be parked on grass (for example, at car shows), place a drip tray underneath the vehicle to catch any leaks.
  • Parking on grass areas, within parks, is prohibited.
  • Minimize the risk of forest and brush fires during the dry season. Place cooking facilities over concrete and away from dry grass and fire-prone areas. Make announcements during your event to remind event participants that your event is "Smoke Free" (DNV Bylaw #7792; CNV Bylaw pending).
  • Be bear aware! Don't leave garbage out overnight. Store any garbage that you can't dispose of immediately in a sealed container.

Planning a Picnic or Wedding Ceremony?

Please visit our Outdoor Facilities page.

Booking a Plaza in the City of North Vancouver

City of North Vancouver Plazas are booked through City Hall. Please refer to their website.

Questions about your event? Looking for event resources?
Contact us at 604-983-6575 or email. We'd be happy to help you.

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