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Indoor Parent Participation Playground

It's Play Time

Calling parents and caregivers with toddlers and preschoolers
Family at Delbrook Community Recreation Centre

Celebrating Family Day 2022

Ideas for a fun day together around town
Horticulture House

Deeply Rooted in Community

Florence Baillie: Mother, Grandmother, Teacher and Community Champion
Child running

Letting your children loose!

5 tips for helping them develop independence
Buy Nothing Project

Discover the value of gifting!

Give, receive, share and show gratitude in a hyperlocal gift economy
Year of the ox

Happy Lunar New Year!

Learn about Spring Festival and how to celebrate it
Family tobogganing

7 Ways to Get Outdoors with Your Family this Winter Break

Lots of great North Shore ideas!
Mother and child playing in the snow

15 activities to help you Happy Better this holiday season

Beat back the holiday blues with movement
Lonsdale Preschool

Making New Friends at Lonsdale Preschool

Michelle learns about their caring, play-based approach

It's Play Time

The importance of both free and guided play

Young children develop optimally when they can engage regularly in both free play and guided play. In free play, children practice moving at their own pace and discover their own areas of interest. With guided play, they learn to listen, to share and interact with their peers. 

“Play is the highest form of research,” Albert Einstein once said. Pediatric studies agree, suggesting different forms of play contribute to every aspect of a child’s development to help them reach for their full potential. The many benefits include:

Celebrating Family Day 2022

NVRC celebrates Family Day with free events!

In keeping with helping the community stay active and healthy, NVRC is offering free family-friendly events (public swim, family skate, pottery, open gym, art and movement workshop, parent participation playtime) for Family Day. 

Please note that public health guidelines are in effect and some activities require advance registration. For a full listing, click here.

Deeply Rooted in Community

Generations of embracing community

Florence Baillie (née Patterson) knows North Vancouver well. Growing up in the 1950s, Florence’s father owned a candy/tobacco shop on Lonsdale Avenue, and she attended North Vancouver High School (where North Vancouver Provincial Court is located today). 

Happy Lunar New Year!

The Lunar New Year is referred to by different names. In China it is Chunjie or Spring Festival, in Korea Seollal, in Vietnam Tết Nguyên Đán, in Tibet Losar. Masses of people travel from the cities to their home towns to be with family, resulting in the world’s largest annual human migration.  Red envelopes

Making New Friends at Lonsdale Preschool

I hear giggles echoing down the stairway as I’m escorted through the hall up to the Lonsdale Licensed Preschool located above NVRC’s Memorial Gym on East 23rd Street.  I’m worried the children will become self-conscious when I enter the room, especially when they can’t see the smile behind my mask. The reality of COVID-19 means they don’t get many visitors.  I need not worry, they are so engrossed in activities they are completely oblivious to the strange woman chatting with their teacher.  


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