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Welcome to the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission

The North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission was established in 1970 as a partnership between the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver and we are proud to have served one of Canada's most active and healthy communities since then. 

Our mission is to build healthy individuals, families and communities and we know that recreation and culture are vital to the overall health, wellness and creativity of our community. That's why we provide and facilitate quality recreation and culture programs, services and events that enhance quality of life for all North Vancouver residents.

We operate 11 Community Recreation Centres, the North Vancouver Tennis Centre  and Centennial Theatre, the North Shore’s largest performing arts theatre. We also manage room and venue bookings for facilities, fields, and outdoor spaces across North Vancouver.

We promote creativity, celebrate diversity and contribute to North Vancouver’s unique sense of place through the provision of cultural services that include a comprehensive Arts & Culture Grants programcultural planning resources, and a public art program.

Connect with us by participating in recreation and culture activities, visiting our facilities, sharing your talents as a volunteer, or exploring our employment opportunitiesContact us with your questions and ideas.

We’re here to serve you and look forward to you participating with us.

Mandate, Vision, Mission & Values


North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission is an entity of the City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver, created to fulfill the municipalities' responsibilities for arts and recreation. These responsibilities include the provision of quality recreation and arts experiences, operation of community recreation facilities, capacity building of relevant arts and recreation organizations, management of the public art programs, and oversight of the community arts grants.


Recreation and arts are vital to North Vancouver becoming the most vibrant, diverse, active, creative, and connected community.


North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission improves the health and well-being of all North Vancouver individuals, families and communities, and inspires residents through quality recreation and arts opportunities.

Recognizing that we are integral to the health and wellness solution, NVRC will work with other service providers to proactively and intentionally respond to indoor and outdoor recreation and arts needs, with a focus on those who would benefit most, including youth, those who are under-served, and those with barriers to accessing quality recreation and arts opportunities.


These values act as a moral compass, providing a lens through which all decisions are evaluated.

  • We are inclusive
  • We are innovative, creative and bold
  • We strive for the highest standards of service and stewardship of resources
  • We act with integrity, ensuring open, respectful relationships and supportive environments.
Strategic Plan

In 2013, North Vancouver Recreation & Culture (NVRC) Commission commissioners and staff developed the current Strategic Plan which includes the NVRC’s mandate, vision, mission, values, strategic directions and goals for the five-year period. Read the Strategic Plan.


Recreation Needs Assessment and Facility Plan

In 2006, the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission (NVRC) conducted a North Vancouver-wide recreation needs assessment and developed a long-term recreation facility plan.  Read the Recreation Needs Assessment Executive Summary and the Recreation Facility Plan.


Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide a safe & friendly environment for our customers, staff and volunteers.

Everyone at our centre has the right to:

  • Be treated with respect, courtesy, fairness and equality
  • Feel safe in an accessible and welcoming environment
  • Be free from harassment, discrimination and physical or verbal abuse

Everyone at our centre has a responsibility to:

  • Treat each other with respect, courtesy, fairness and equality
  • Respect everyone regardless of diversity or ability
  • Use the facility and equipment in a safe and appropriate way

If you have concerns or questions, please speak to a staff person.

Reference: Policy #407 - North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission

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