AMPS - Aspiring Musicians Performance Series

AMPS - Aspiring Musicians Performance Series

The Aspiring Musicians Performance Series is taking over the North Shore's largest indoor concert venue! Get amped for performances from local rising talent at Centennial Theatre!

Concert tickets are available for $20 each or access all six concerts with an AMPS Season Pass for $80.

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AMPS I - Featuring Big Easy Funk Ensemble & Redwoods

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 (7-9:30pm)

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The Big Easy Funk Ensemble celebrates the amazing variety of music that has grown out of New Orleans. With influences from 60’s/70’s funk legends The Meters, Allen Toussaint, and Dr. John to more recent groups like Galactic and Trombone Shorty. BEFE mixes many genres of funk, jazz, rock and blues to create high-energy infectious grooves.

Redwoods is a hard rock band from Vancouver formed in the early 2010s. They've found a way to blend the coolness of 70s rock, vibrance of 80s metal, and grit of 90s grunge into a diverse rock sound offering nothing short of excitement in today's music scene.



AMPS II - Featuring Velavox & Michelle Creber

AMPS II - Featuring Velavox & Michelle Creber

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 (7-9:30pm)

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Velavox is an award winning alternative pop duo hailing from the Fraser Valley. Made up of Nicole Gibson (Vocals) and Chris Kelly (Vocals, Synths, Electric Guitar, Programming). Their work speaks to personal themes in their life including mental health struggles and learning to embrace all parts of yourself and your art. 

Michelle Creber is a 23-year-old award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, and multi-instrumentalist known for her powerful voice and inspiring messages. Michelle's pop-rooted sound incorporates elements of rock and jazz. With eight albums under her belt, including "Storm" and "On Display" (both of which made it to the Top 100 Billboard charts), she has gained a strong international following. Michelle's captivating stage presence and relatable themes have resonated with audiences worldwide. Additionally, she has contributed her vocals to various TV shows, movies, and animated series.



AMPS III - Featuring Ava Maria Safai & SUGARFUNGUS

AMPS III - Featuring Ava Maria Safai & SUGARFUNGUS

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 (7-9:30pm)

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Ava Maria Safai is a multidisciplinary artist with four original albums under her belt. Following the placement of her first single “Finding Hope” on Lifetime’s Dance Moms, Ava Maria released her debut album We’ve Got Issues, her EP The Butterfly Acoustic and her merchandise line at her concert on the Red Gate Revue Stage in July 2018. She has garnered over one million views on YouTube, been featured in Maclean’s magazine, and was selected as The North Shore News’ “Favourite Local Celebrity" (2018). She is also the recipient of a Don S. Williams grant and the City of North Vancouver's Rise Up Award. When Ava Maria is not creating music, you can find her working in film, television, and theatre as an accomplished director, writer, producer and actress.

SUGARFUNGUS has been releasing bedroom indie pop productions that capture sugary sweet vocal hooks floating on top of dreamy grooves since 2021. The Vancouver-based collective’s music can best be described as HighClouds blog puts it: “Dancy dreampop for the haunted and heartbroken.”



AMPS IV - Exit 4 West and The R&B Conspiracy

AMPS IV - Featuring Exit 4 West & The R&B Conspiracy

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 (7-9:30pm)

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Exit 4 West are four musicians from the North Shore, playing classic and modern rock spanning four decades. From the Ramones to The Tragically Hip to Queens of the Stone Age, if you’re looking for hard-driving rock, take Exit 4 West.

The R&B Conspiracy is a rhythm and blues powerhouse that performs a mix of funk, soul, and traditional blues with an edge. This dynamic seven-piece band features three hot female vocalists and plays all of your favourite songs from the ’60s to today, guaranteed to keep you grooving all night.  R&B – with a twist!



AMPS V - Featuring Sandy Gritt & The Stubborn Stains & robots and gods

AMPS V - Featuring Sandy Gritt & The Stubborn Stains & robots and gods

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 (7-9:30pm)

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Sandy Gritt & The Stubborn Stains plays the kind of music that gets your feet moving and also leaves you with something to ponder. With a strong affection for 80’s and 90’s College Radio cornerstones such as Wilco, Camper Van Beethoven, Ween and Cake, the Stains have just completed their debut EP, released in December 2021. Also, released in spring 2022 is a recording of a live-streaming show at the infamous Little Red Sounds Studio.

robots and gods are an original rock band, based in North Vancouver. Inspired by 80’s New Wave and the 90’s Seattle grunge scene, their music is a dynamic, intense combination of heavy rock and synth-pop.



AMPS VI - Featuring The Brice Tabbish Band & Triggerhead

AMPS VI - Featuring The Brice Tabbish Band & Triggerhead

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 (7-9:30pm)

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The Brice Tabish Band recently released their debut album, “Living In A Number Game”, and will be touring across Canada as far as New Brunswick in 2023. Brice has spent more than half of his life onstage, having performed all over Vancouver Island and the mainland by the age of 14. Since then, he's performed from BC to New Brunswick and back, multiple cities in California, including Santa Rosa with Norman Greenbaum ("Spirit In The Sky") and several solo shows on the world-famous Sunset Strip, as well as Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and a brief stint in the heart of downtown London, England, to name a few. Born in Campbell River, Tabish currently resides in Vancouver, playing regularly with Las Divas, The Brice Tabish Band, and Lee Aaron ("Metal Queen", "Bodyrock") as well as having worked with the likes of Andrew Loog Oldham (Original manager/producer for The Rolling Stones) and Mike Fraser (Producer/Engineer, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica).

Triggerhead is a 3-Piece Grunge/Hip-hop outfit from North Vancouver comprised of Patrick Stephens (Vocals, Guitars, Keys) Adam Turner (Bass Guitar) and Alejandro Marin (Drums). They bring a unique sound and fresh self-produced debut E.P. available on all major platforms. From neck-breaking rock to groovy ballads, there is a perfect slice for everybody.