Arts & Culture Grants

Arts & Culture Grants support the arts, foster creativity and help to build cultural connections in the community.  Grants are typically available to support not-for-profit arts organizations, other recognized arts groups and collectives and a range of community groups active in producing local events and activities.

Arts & Culture Grants are provided through four distinct programs designed to sustain the operations of key arts organizations; incentivize creative innovation and new initiatives; support events and festivals; and foster a wide range of activities that reflect the talent, creativity, spirit and diversity of the community.

Operating Assistance

The purpose of the Operating Assistance program is to identify, support and sustain the work of groups and organizations that play a key leadership role in the arts in North Vancouver by virtue of:

  • the development, presentation or production of their own programs
  • their relationships with other groups in the creative and cultural sectors
  • the mentoring and support of emerging arts groups and practitioners
  • innovative partnerships with other sectors of the community or creative economy
  • or their capacity to respond to and deliver on the municipalities’ goals and objectives for arts and cultural development

Grants are available to support the operations, programming and initiatives of eligible North Vancouver organizations that have an established record for delivering quality arts and cultural programs and services.  In order to qualify for Operating Assistance, potential applicants must:

  • exhibit professional arts practices
  • employ paid staff and demonstrate sound, independent management and governance, and
  • offer either a full season or year-round program of arts activities
Programming & Project Assistance

The purpose of the Programming & Project Assistance program is to support diverse artistic and cultural programming, to foster innovation and to enable the exploration and development of new and emerging creative practices.  Programming & Project Assistance grants support:

  • identified programs that are undertaken on an annual or recurring basis
  • the annual programming of an organization that is not otherwise eligible for Operating Assistance
  • existing programs and activities
  • the creation process and development of new initiatives
  • special one-off projects, new initiatives and new events in development
  • activities that incorporate new or emerging practices or that build on new partnerships and collaborations
  • activities that celebrate diversity, that reflect the unique and shared experiences of different communities, or that are inclusive of cross-cultural traditions

Grants are currently available in three categories to support professional or semi-professional arts groups and arts service organizations as well as community, amateur or member-based arts groups:

  1. Special Projects, New Initiatives and Events in Development - grants up to a maximum of $5,000

  2. Annual Assistance: Programs & Projects - Small Grants up to $7,500

  3. Annual Programming Support - Major Funding Stream up to $17,500

Celebrations & Events Grants

Celebrations & Events Grants seek to sustain and encourage growth in existing events and to support the development of new events that foster community connections and contribute to residents’ quality of life and sense of identity.   Applications are accepted in two categories:

1.  Community Events Grants

Grants are available up to a maximum of $7,500 to support neighbourhood-based celebrations and community events that provide opportunities for diverse populations to come together.  Community events are typically (but not exclusively) single-day events that:

  • encourage congregation

  • evoke a sense of celebration

  • express the diversity and uniqueness of our communities

  • foster community connectivity

  • are inclusive, welcoming and entertaining; and

  • provide opportunities for local talent

2.  Major Cultural Celebrations

Grants are available up to a maximum of $15,000 to support large-scale, multi-day Cultural Celebrations:

  • that present a significant program of cultural activities and entertainments
  • that mix arts programming with cultural attractions, entertainments, demonstrations and other activities to create a full event or festival program
  • that encourage congregation and celebrate community connectivity; and
  • that express the diversity and uniqueness of our communities

3.    Arts Festivals

Grants are available up to a maximum of $18,500 to support multi-day Arts Festivals:

  • that present a coordinated program of artistic activities, exhibits or performances
  • that offer innovative and entertaining arts programming
  • that inspire awareness of local and visiting talent; and
  • that foster appreciation of arts and culture, heritage and other creative pursuits

All applicants in the last two categories should have an established audience, or be able to show clear potential for significant audience development and should offer audiences a relatively unique experience not duplicated by other organizations and their activities.

Community Public Art Grants

The Community Public Art Grants Program provides opportunities to residents and artists to work collaboratively on an art project that addresses an issue or concern of mutual interest. 

The City of North Vancouver sets aside a maximum of $15,000 annually as seed funding to encourage and support this type of community engagement. 

The District of North Vancouver sets aside $7,500 annually, typically to support one or two community art projects a year.




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