Grants Review Committee

The Grants Review Committee acts as an “arms-length” peer review and advisory body to the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.  It reviews all grant applications and provides recommendations to the governing body of the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.  Sole authority to approve the allocation of grants rests with the Commission.

Terms of Reference

The Grants Review Committee is a volunteer body, consisting of five impartial and qualified members with appropriate experience and expertise in the arts as well as cultural and community-based practices.   All members to the Committee are appointed by the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.  The composition, roles and responsibilities the Grants Review Committee are governed by a Terms of Reference.

October 2017 - Volunteer Opportunity on the Grants Review Commitee

Volunteer applications are now being accepted to fill an opening on the Arts & Culture Grants Review Commitee.  View the details on the Grants News page.  Application deadline: Monday, October 30, 2017. If you are interested in volunteering on the Grants Review Committee, please contact the Cultural Services Officer (below) for more information.  

STAFF CONTACT:  If you have any questions about Arts & Culture Grants in North Vancouver, please contact the Program Officer.
John Rice, Cultural Services Officer
T: 604.983.6466

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