Grants Review Committee

West Coast Folklore mural by Ola Volo

The Grants Review Committee acts as an “arms-length” peer review and advisory body to the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.  It reviews all grant applications and provides recommendations to the governing body of the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.

Terms of Reference

The Grants Review Committee is a volunteer body, consisting of five impartial and qualified members with appropriate experience and expertise in the arts as well as cultural and community-based practices.   All members of the Committee are appointed by motion of the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission and must be residents of North Vancouver.  Committee Members are initially appointed for a two-year term, however appointments can be extended to a maximum of two consecutive terms.  The composition, roles and responsibilities the Grants Review Committee are governed by a procedural Terms of Reference.

Balance, Equity & Inclusion

Every effort is made to ensure:

  • that the Committee represents a breadth of experience and expertise in and across a wide range of artistsic practices and cultural traditions:  visual, studio and gallery arts, community-engaged arts practices, music, dance, theatre and other performing arts, community events, cultural celebrations, community public art projects, as well as the local not-for-profit sector generally.

  • that openings on the Committee are made available and accessible to all resident populations in North Vancouver, and that the final composition of the Committee reflects a balance of diverse populations, including - to the extent possible - l those populations that have been traditionally marginalized or underserved.

Volunteer Opportunity on the Grants Review Commitee

Volunteer applications are now being accepted to fill an opening on the Arts & Culture Grants Review Commitee.  The current opening is for ONE position only.  Preferably, the successful candidate will have experience in the visual, gallery or media arts.

Interested in Applying?  Please contact NVRC Cultural Services Officer, John Rice, by email at or by phone at 604.983.6466. The deadline for applications is:  Monday, September 16, 2019 at 4:30pm

Grants Officer

If you have any questions about Arts & Culture Grants in North Vancouver, please contact the Grants Program Officer:
      John Rice, Cultural Services Officer
      T: 604.983.6466

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