Grant Recognition

Artwork by Colin Upton

The Arts & Culture Grants Policy adopted by Councils in 2015 requires that all grant recipients publically acknowledge the financial assistance provided by the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver through the Arts & Culture Grants program of the NVRC.

Recognition Guidelines

In recognition of financial support provided through the grants program, it is expected that North Vancouver Recreation & Culture receive appropriate recognition as outlined in the attached Recognition Guidelines.  Opportunities to acknowledge grant support include:


  1. The NVRC logo is available for download below in standard format copies - i.e. in colour and in both vertical and horizontal orientations.
  2. Other formats of the logo may be available upon request.
  3. The logo is available in three file types: .jpg and .png for digital media use, and different layered .pdfs for print use
  4. USE ONLY WITH PERMISSION, if you have received financial support in the form of an NVRC grant, or if your program or activity is otherwise delivered in partnership with the NVRC.
  5. Please reference the Visual Brand Guidelines – ‘Quick Guide’ and ‘Improper Use’ pages to ensure correct use of the logo.

.jpg files:

vertical orientation .jpg                    horizontal orientation .jpg

.png files

vertical orientation .png                    horizontal orientation .png

layered .pdf (CMYK) files:

vertical orientation .pdf                    horizontal orientation .pdf

layered .pdf (PMS) files:

vertical orientation .pdf                    horizontal orientation .pdf