Book a Park or Plaza

Book a Park or Plaza

Booking Information

Whether you're booking a picnic in a park, a trail race or a community event, we can help you through the booking and permitting process.

The City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver maintain a large inventory of fields, parks, and plazas available for use. Bookings and permits for parks, trails and plazas are managed by North Vancouver Recreation & Culture on behalf of the City and District.

We know that our facilities and services are very important to our community and we are slowly opening up services that comply with the provincial and local Covid-19 directives.  This extends to our park/field permits.

Picnic Shelters

For parks permits, we are only booking picnic shelters at this time for a maximum of 10 people. These are booked in 4 hour time slots and with mandatory insurance; the cost comes to between $117.50 . No alcohol is allowed in these parks. Please fill out our application form.

Parks Permit & Alcohol Consumption Designed Areas 

Alcohol consumption is allowed in designated City Parks Only between the hours of 11:00am – 9:00pm. seven days a week. This is for personal consumption only. We do not issue permits for using these spaces. It is first come, first serve.  Read more

Any organized groups gathering in parks, trails or plazas to hold a picnic, celebration or event are required to obtain a Park Use Permit through our booking application process. Please note that there is no alcohol permitted in public parks - except in designated areas in City of North Vancouver Parks.

Wedding Ceremony

We will consider intimate wedding ceremony permit requests, dependent on numbers (maximum of 10 people) and location. Please fill out our application form.

View the information below for the type of booking you wish to make.  For your reference you can also view the City Parks Online Map and the District Parks Online Map to find the park you are looking for. If you would like to book a playing field visit our Book a Field page.

In order to ensure our parks and open spaces remain beautiful and accessible for the public to enjoy, please review the Park Use Guidelines below.

Temporary Park Use Permit for Business & Non-Profit Organizations

The City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver are pleased to be able to offer local business & Non-Profit organizations the opportunity to book space in parks to operate programs that they would normally offer within an indoor space. Please note that this opportunity is based on a case-by-case review that would include variables such as activity, location availability and meeting all parameters required including safety protocols. Permit approval is not guaranteed. At this time, we are currently only accepting applications on a first come, first serve basis for the months of September 2021 to March 2022.

Permit applications include a maximum of 3 bookings per week for any given business. Each booking is made up of a maximum 2-hour block. This 2-hour block includes all set-up and take down and blocks can not be booked back to back.

All applicants must hold a current business licence and insurance that indemnifies the Municipality and the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission. Businesses will need to provide their own equipment (maximum one tent) and ensure compliance with COVID-19 Safety protocols and all other requirements.

For more details , including which North Vancouver parks may be applied for, please read the Application Process document.

Download the Temporary Park Use Permit Application

Park Bookings for Picnics & Wedding Ceremonies

Use our online Picnic & Wedding Ceremony Application form to request a booking to hold a picnic or small wedding in a North Vancouver Park. If you have any questions, call our park and field booking office at 604-983-6318 or email.

Picnics & Wedding Ceremonies

North Vancouver is a picturesque location to hold your group or family picnic or wedding ceremony.

Picnics may be booked at several North Vancouver picnic shelters.  Picnic shelters can be booked in four-hour blocks. Bookings must be made in advance of your picnic and applications are accepted Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.  To book a picnic shelter please complete the online application form or call 604-983-6318.

Picnics may also be booked at many other North Vancouver parks.  All organized groups such as associations, school groups, clubs, societies and church groups are required to obtain a Park Use Permit.  Casual users may be required to obtain a Park Use Permit should they wish to access park amenities not accessible to the public.

Small wedding ceremonies may be permitted with special permission, provided the ceremony DOES NOT include the following:

  • Decorations, rice, confetti, balloons

  • Amplified sound

  • Props, tents or chairs (a small number of chairs are permitted for guests with mobility issues)

Park & Plaza Bookings for Events

Community Event applications are currently being accepted for proposed events, on August 21 or later, of 50 people or more.  

We invite you to submit the application a minimum of 5 weeks prior to the proposed event date. Event organizers are required to create a Communicable Disease Plan for event staff and volunteers as well as have signage to remind the public of Covid-19 safety measures.

All applications received will be reviewed by the Parks Manager for approval.  

Please note, in 2020 the City of North Vancouver introduced five designated parks that permit alcohol consumption.  Event applications will not be accepted for these parks:

  • Kingsmill Walk Park
  • Mahon Park
  • Ray Perrault Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Waterfront Park

Please complete the Application Form and submit to

In the fall an update will be provided regarding the process for applications to host events in 2022.  Please check back.

Where Alcohol Service was requested in the initial Event request and the applicant has received an APPROVED Community Park Event location in the District of North Vancouver, applicants are required to complete and return the DNV Community Park Event - Request for Alcohol Service Application form.

Questions? Please call NVRC Community Events at 604-983-6575 via email or use our .

As part of the community and trail event permit process, all event organizers are required to provide:

  • Insurance with a minimum of $5 million liability, and listing the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission and North Vancouver School District #44 as additional insured’s.  Further additional insured’s may be required depending on event location.  In addition, an increase in liability coverage may be required depending on the proposed event activities.
  • Covid-19 Safety Plan. Approval by Vancouver Coastal Health may be an additional requirement of your event application. To create your safety plan, please use the VCH Template Safety Plan-Small Events and Temporary Gatherings.
  • A Waste Management Plan that includes Zero Waste Management and Recycling Plan. View the Guide to Creating a Zero Waste Event
  • Parking and Traffic Control Plan
  • Event Emergency Plan and Site Map

Plaza Bookings

To apply to book Lynn Valley Village Plaza, please contact Community Events at 604-983-6575 or email.

To apply to book City of North Vancouver Plazas, including Shipbuilder's Square, the Pipe Shop and Civic Plaza, please visit the City's website.

Park Use Guidelines

Together, let's keep our parks clean and safe by following these guidelines:

  • Park Use Permits must be obtained for any organized groups in order to hold their picnic, gathering, celebration or event in a park.

  • Park bookings do not provide exclusive use of a park. Free public assess must be maintained. 

  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited in public parks in North Vancouver unless a municipal permit has been issued and is displayed on site.

  • BBQ use may be restricted dependent on the season and current environmental conditions.  Gas, propane or hibachi barbecues are allowed in off-field areas except in high to extreme fire conditions.  Whenever possible, cook on concrete pads or gravel and away from dry grass and fire-prone areas.  Do not cook over grass or wood structures. Note:  Lynn Canyon Park allows gas barbecues only.  Other parks allow gas, propane or hibachi barbecues.
  • Bouncy castles or inflatable devices are prohibited in parks without special permission and requirements.
  • Dogs are not allowed on sports fields, playgrounds or picnic areas at any time.  Visit dog-friendly parks in the DNV and CNV.  Some locations offer off-leash areas.
  • Food vending and food services (including food trucks) are not permitted without special permission and requirements.
  • Garbage and recycling must be placed in appropriate containers or taken home.  Store any garbage you cannot dispose of immediately in a sealed container.  Be bear aware!  Don’t leave garbage outside of park garbage bins. 
  • Grey water, from preparing food or washing up, is to be carefully disposed of and not poured into storm grates.  The majority of our storm grates empty into local streams and grey water would result in the pollution of them.  The dumping of ice, excess juice, water or food on the grass is forbidden, and may attract wildlife.
  • Noise from public address (PA) systems or loud speakers is not permitted in parks without receiving special permission and a relaxation of the noise bylaws enacted by Mayor and Council. 
  • Parking on grass areas, within parks, is strictly prohibited.
  • Parks are smoke free (DNV Bylaw #7792; CNV Bylaw #7026).

  • North Vancouver trails are valued by residents and visitors alike and it is important to preserve them. The use of trails for an event or organized group must be approved by Parks Department staff. Please see community and trail events above for the application process.
  • Water is a precious resource so do your best to conserve it.  Make sure taps are turned off after using outdoor park showers or water fill-up stations.
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