NVRC volunteers make a difference

It’s National Volunteer Week (April 14-20), a chance for NVRC to highlight and celebrate our incredible volunteers who do so much for our organization and for the people who take part in our programs and activities.

Last year, 150 volunteers contributed over 7,500 hours to our programs, events and activities. Some areas they help with include swim and skating lessons, early years programs, rehab programs and specialty fitness classes, arts programs, sports, out-of-school programs and camps, and community events.

Barb joined NVRC as a volunteer in fall 2023, helping with the adapted aquafit program. After retirement she was looking for a way to use her time to give back, and with an interest in recreation, approached NVRC. “I’ve found a new little community in this class,” says Barb. “I’ve really enjoyed connecting with the participants, being a welcoming presence and, hopefully, helping people just a little.”

As a non-swimmer, Barb was initially looking to help with a land-based group fitness class, but when she learned there was a need in aquafit and that her abilities would fit the needs of the class, she took the plunge and is so glad she did. “The instructor, Annick, is amazing; I’ve learned so much from her,” shares Barb. “I love walking into the pool on my volunteer days. This experience has inspired me to take adult swim lessons so I can complete training to teach aquafit classes.”

Lauren, a high school student, volunteers with our out-of-school camps. “My role is to support the camp leaders,” explains Lauren. “I engage the kids in various activities such as games to make it a more fun experience.” Lauren says her favourite things about being a camps volunteer are seeing the kids build new friendships and make connections with different people.

When asked what they would say to someone thinking about volunteering, Barb advises, “Go for it and be open to new experiences. You may be surprised what’s inside you and what you can give to others.” Lauren says, “It’s a great way to get volunteers, contribute to the community and build skills. I’ve built a lot of my leadership skills through volunteering.”

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping people lead more connected, active, creative, healthy lives. They inspire by example through their generosity and commitment. We are very appreciative that they share their time and talents with us, and choose to give back to the community by volunteering with NVRC.