Fitness Centres

Delbrook Community Recreation Centre
851 West Queens Rd
Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre
123 East 23rd St
John Braithwaite Community Centre
145 West 1st St
Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre
2300 Kirkstone Road
Parkgate Community Centre
3625 Banff Court
Ron Andrews Community Recreation Centre
931 Lytton Street

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Day visits & Memberships

For information on our fees and the memberships that we offer, visit our Fitness, Memberships & Fees page.

Specialized Equipment & Knowledgeable Fitness Consultants

No matter what your fitness level, you can develop your strength, cardio and agility at a North Vancouver Recreation & Culture fitness centre.  All our fitness centres have free weights, as well as strength and cardio equipment.

Fitness Centre & Address Special Features Fitness Centre Supervisor Contact
Delbrook Centre
851 West Queens Road
Small group classes, Spin bikes, over 7000 square feet, high ceilings, lots of natural light, accessible equipment

Shaw Toth
B. Sc., B. Human Kinetics, NCCP Olympic Weight Lifting Certification



Harry Jerome Centre
123 East 23rd Street
3 themed fitness centres; Spin bikes, circuit classes (Memorial Centre) Bryce Martin



John Braithwaite Community Centre
145 West 1st Street
Small group classes, close to transit Bryce Martin



Karen Magnussen Centre
2300 Kirkstone Road
Fitness appraisals, informal joint rehab, circuit class, small group classes, view of forest Mariela Moen



Ron Andrews Centre
931 Lytton St.
Team training, circuit class, supervised rehab, 2 themed fitness centres, Spin bikes, TRX training room Connie Russell
Certified Personal Trainer, CFES



Parkgate Community Centre
3625 Banff Court
Circuit class, small group training, high ceilings Tony Carabetta
B. Human Kinetics, CSCS



Fitness Centre Etiquette

The goal of the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission’s Code of Conduct is to ensure everyone has a safe, positive and effective workout while in the fitness centre.  Abusive and aggressive behavior is not tolerated.

The following are a few simple rules for all to abide by:

  • Conduct yourself respectfully at all times.  Approach others and staff in a friendly and respectful way.
  • Profanity, shouting, & excessive grunting are not acceptable.
  • Valid fitness pass or wrist band is required.
  • Taking photos and videos is not permitted without prior authorization.
  • Mobile device use is permitted where it does not cause a distraction
  • Please take phone calls in the lobby area.
  • Allow others to “work in” between sets or vacate stations between sets.
  • Uncontrolled and repetitive weight dropping is not permitted.  See staff for clarification regarding Olympic lifting.
  • Observe and follow procedures for cardio sign-in & use.
  • Please be respectful of facility hours and ensure you leave the fitness centre at or before closing time.
  • No scents

Health, Safety & Cleanliness

  • Teens 13-14yrs who wish to use the fitness centre must book a free consultation with a fitness advisor. Once approved, they can use the fitness centre without adult supervision. A child/youth drop-in is required.
  • Use equipment according to manufacturer’s recommended use.  Seek advice from staff when unfamiliar
  • Wipe down your equipment after each use.  Towels and sanitizer are provided for this purpose.
  • Please store all bags and belonging in cubbies or lockers. Free wallet lockers are available. 
  • All weights/dumbbells/equipment MUST be put away when done to prevent hazards.
  • Avoid resting bars and weights on benches between sets.
  • Wear appropriate exercise clothing and athletic footwear in the facility/ during your workout.  Seek guidance/clarification from staff.
  • Candy, food, gum, are not permitted.  Unbreakable beverage containers with closed lids are acceptable.

Facility Use Privileges (Membership and Access)

Membership privileges and facility access may be refused or suspended in instances where individuals commit a serious or repeated breach of these rules or the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission’s Code of Conduct.

Fitness Centre Use Guidelines for Youth (13-14 years)

While strength training can be beneficial in developing muscular strength and endurance in youth, there are specific concerns related to the growth and development of bone and joint tissue. The recommendation from most authorities on this topic (that is, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Physician and Sports Medicine) are that strength training (with weights) for youth be conducted under appropriate supervision only.

Unrestricted use of the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission's Fitness Centres is available for teens 13 years & up.

A person 13 or 14 years old must complete a Youth Consultation prior to having Teen Privileges in the Fitness Centres.  This is to ensure the youth understands lifting technique, general safety concerns, weight room etiquette and the risks involved in weight training. 

Book Your Youth Consultation

To book a youth consultation, contact a fitness centre supervisor at one the following facilities:

After the youth consultation has taken place and the youth is approved to use the fitness centres, youth 13 and 14 years of age can attend the fitness centre during regular opening hours.