Outdoor Facilities

Eldon Park
4010 Ruby Ave
Inter River Park
1301Lillooet Rd
Kilmer Park Grass Field
1700 Dempsey Rd
Kirkstone Park Grass Field
2300 Kirkstone Rd
Myrtle Park Grass Field
4405 Cove Cliff Rd
Myrtle Trails
4405 Cove Cliff Rd
Parkgate Park Grass Field
1300 Parkgate Rd
Parkgate Trails
1300 Parkgate Rd
William Griffin AT Full Field
800 W Queens Rd
William Griffin Trails
800 W Queens Rd

Tennis, Skateboard, Lacrosse, Volleyball and Waterplay

Tennis, Skateboard, Lacrosse, Volleyball and Waterplay

Outdoor recreation facilities provide positive opportunities for people of all ages to get active and enjoy our beautiful North Shore.

The City and District of North Vancouver operate and maintain:

  • 41 tennis courts
  • 5 water parks
  • 4 sport courts (lacrosse boxes)
  • 5 skateboard parks
  • 2 sand volleyball courts ( Kings Mill Park)

Individuals can use North Vancouver water parks, skateboard parks and outdoor tennis courts without a reservation.

To book other outdoor facilities, call North Vancouver Recreation and Culture at 604-983-6318 or email.

If you encounter any hazards or safety issues at any of these outdoor facilities, contact the Parks Departments:

The City of North Vancouver at 604-983-7333.
The District of North Vancouver at 604-990-3800

Water Parks
  • Kilmer Park
  • Eldon Park
  • Viewlynn Park
  • Myrtle Park
  • Mahon Park
Skateboard Parks
  • William Griffin Park
  • Kirkstone Park
  • Parkgate Park
  • Centennial Theatre Parking Lot
  • Seylynn Park
Sport Courts / Lacross Boxes
  • Kirkstone Parks
  • William Griffin Park
  • Inter River Park
  • Myrtle Park
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