Public art program

This Land is a Person by Marianne Nicolson

North Vancouver’s public art program works to create, program and maintain public works of art that are free and accessible to everyone. Each piece is an original, one-of-a-kind work that creatively reflects North Vancouver's unique culture, heritage and natural environment. A distinctive cultural asset, public art provides a deep-rooted sense of place and serves as an artistic legacy for future generations.  

With more than 200 pieces in the collection, North Vancouver’s public art encompasses all types of media. From eye catching sculptures and mosaics to temporary installations and digital works, public art is a standout feature in civic plazas, municipal buildings and commercial developments throughout the City and District of North Vancouver. Located in parks, along roadways, and integrated along nature trails and greenways, public art helps us celebrate the cultural spirit and identity of our community.

By placing artwork in our everyday environment public art encourages citizens to take pride in cultural expression and it can create a forum to address relevant themes and issues. In addition, public art has the ability to attract tourists and to stimulate investment in the community.

Watch this video to see some of the amazing public art pieces in North Vancouver.

Program streams

North Vancouver's public art program is comprised of three main program streams: civic, community and developer-generated public art. While all three programs operate within the broader goal of building a sense of community identity through public art, each stream has different objectives and funding mechanisms.