Mt Seymour Wildlife

Artist: Anderson, Glen (& Glenn George)
Category: Community
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Ecole Dorothy Lynas


This community public art project occured in conjunction with a playground upgrade undertaken by the Dorothy Lynas School and Parent Advisory Committee.  Artists Glen Anderson and Glenn George were engaged as artists in residents for the project. The project was an opportunity for the students and staff to learn about Tsleil-Waututh traditional designs and related First Nations stories. Glen Anderson worked with teachers and students to create a symbolic waterhole for local indigenous wildlife along a new concrete pathway. The primary grade students collected pebbles which were incorporated into the mosaic while intermediate students worked directly with the artist on the mosaics. Animals depicted in the artwork were selected by the students as part of their outdoor education program. First Nations artist Glenn George worked with the students painting images of local wildlife on plywood in the Coast Salish style. 


About the Artist:
Glen Andersen is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in public and community art.  Over twnety years ago, by an accident of fate, he found himself dabbling in the ancient art of mosaic which eventually became his primary medium. This happened at a time when Vancouver was initiating a bold and often innovative series of community-engaged art programs. All at once, there were many sanctioned venues for a publicly-engaged art practice in a range of media, both ephemeral and permanent. Through his practice, Glen hopes to stimulate a deeper understanding of the unique spirit of a place.