Field Status & Locations

Blueridge Park Grass Field
Brooksbank Park Grass Field
Cleveland Park North Grass Field
Cleveland Park South Grass Field
Confederation AT Full Field
Delbrook Park Grass Field
Eldon Park Grass Field
Fen Burdett AT Full Field
Heywood North Lit Dirt Field
Heywood South Lit Dirt Field
Inter River Park Field 2
Inter River Park Field 3
Inter River Park Field 4
Inter River Park Field 5
Inter River Park Field 6
Inter River Park Field 7
Inter River Park Field 8
Kilmer Lit Dirt Field
Kilmer Park Grass Field
Kinsmen Lit Dirt Field
Kinsmen Park Grass Field
Kirkstone AT Full Field
Kirkstone Park Grass Field
Lillooet Park Grass Field
Loutet Park Grass Field 1
Loutet Park Grass Field 2
Loutet Park Grass Field 3
Lucas Centre Grass Field
Lynn Valley Park Grass Field
Lynn Valley School Lit Dirt Field
Maplewood Lit Dirt Field
McCartney Creek Park Grass Field
Mountainside Lower Grass Field
Mountainside Upper Grass Field
Myrtle Lit Dirt Field
Myrtle Park Grass Field
Norgate Park Grass Field E
Norgate Park Grass Field W
Norseman Park Field
Parkgate Park Grass Field
Ray Perrault Grass Field
Roche Point Park Grass Field
Seycove School Grass Field
Seylynn Park Grass Field
Sowden Park Grass Field
Sunrise Lit Dirt Field
Sutherland AT Full Field
William Griffin AT Full Field
Windsor AT Full Field

Friday Dec 3, 2021

As of 10:45 am

All grass fields are OPEN for the weekend..

Artificial turf fields including William Griffin turf are OPEN for scheduled game play . 

As there is a possibility of snow make sure to get updates by following @CNVFields and @DNVFields for more information.

Field Locations

Find the location of a park or field in the City of North Vancouver by using the City's Park Map.  

To find the location of a field in the District of North Vancouver use the Sports Field Location Map. To find the location of a park in the District of North Vancouver, use the Park Location Map.


The coach (or designate) to walk field prior to use. Make sure to follow the twitter feeds for information throughout the weekend about field changes. 

Super 8 goals must be moved after each game to reduce wear on the same area of the field.

District lights no longer need a key to turn on or off, your league will be provided with a code, or please contact our office 604.983.6318.

KEYS:  It is imperative for the safety of your players and the public to please remember to lock up the Super 8 goals to prevent injuries. This is monitored by the District and City field staff. Super 8/lime shack and light keys are now provided by the youth soccer clubs. Anyone else needing a key will need to contact our office, Monday to Friday 8:30-3:30pm, 604.983.6318 or

If you have any questions about the fields after 3:30pm on Friday, please correspond with the @DNVfield or @CNVfields twitter accounts.


​Information from City parks:  City Fix. This is the City of North Vancouver’s app that allows the public to quickly alert the City about possible issues within the jurisdiction of the CNV. It is available for download for iPhone and Android devices. For after-hours emergencies (After 5pm and holidays) user groups can call 604-988-2212.

Why are Fields Closed?

When it comes to North Vancouver's playing fields, field maintenance and player safety are top priorities. Playing fields are maintained by the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver or School District #44, depending on their location. To keep fields playable throughout the whole season and preserve them from extensive damage, we ask that users not play on the fields when they are closed or following inclement weather.

Closures are based on a review of field conditions by the District and City of North Vancouver's Parks employees. We use the following criteria to determine whether a field should be closed:

  • Heavy rain warnings
  • Standing water or large muddy areas on the playing surface
  • Frost, ice, snow or frozen playing surface.

Please note that closed means CLOSED! Anyone playing on a closed field will not be covered by insurance. Any coach using a closed field will be liable for repairs. Any team or group found playing on a closed field may lose their field permits and/or be subject to fines.

How to Evaluate Field Conditions

Leagues that book a field are responsible for evaluating field conditions before play and for reporting any hazards or safety issues. To report any problems, call 604-983-6318email us, or fill out our online Field Maintenance & Incident Report.

Use common sense when examining field conditions. A playable grass or all weather field will be:

  • Relatively dry and free draining
  • Firm and slightly springy
  • Without puddles, muddy spots, ice, frost or snow.

Keep in mind that adults weigh more than children and can cause considerably more damage to a soft field. When conditions are questionable, the referee is responsible for making the final decision on the field's playability. With marginal conditions, coaches and managers can suggest that players 'play to protect themselves'.

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