Programming & Project Assistance

Programming & Project Assistance Grants support a wide range of activities that add value to the arts and cultural experiences of North Vancouver residents from the ongoing programming of established arts non-profits to new and innovative initiatives that will be considered on a project-by-project basis. 

Grant Availability

The application window for the 2019 Early Intake of Programming & Project Assistance Grants will open onThursday September 20, 2018.  The deadline for grant submissions will be October 15, 2018.

Programming & Project Assistance Guidelines

The Programming & Project Assistance Guidelines provide important program information including but not restricted to: eligibility considerations, guidance on application categorties and submission processes, evaluation and review criteria, as well as annual reporting requirements.  Groups and/or organizations that are considering an application for Programming & Project Assistance are strongly encouraged to consult the Guidelines and to contact the Grants Officer before submitting an application. 

Application Materials

Application Forms are available as both a MS Word document or an Adobe fillable form.  Applications to the Programming & Project Assistance program are accepted in three categories:

1. Special Projects, New Initiatives & Events in Development

With grants up to a maximum of $7,500, the 'Special Projects, New Initiatives & Events in Development' category is designed to support: one-time only projects, pilot projects and new initiatives in development as well event programming in its start-up phase.

  • Arts & Culture Grants |  Client Profile (Adope fillable form)
  • Special Projects, New Initiatives and Events in Development |  Application Form 
  • Programming & Project Assistance |  Budget Form (MS Excel Workbook)
2. Annual Programming Support (Major Funding Stream)

Annual Programming Support provides financial support for ongoing or annual programming initiatives across a wide range of artistic, creative and/or cultural practices.  Applicants may submit grant requests for a single recurring activity or for a range of eligible programs conducted by the organization.  The Major Funding Stream provides grants up to a maximum of $20,000.

Annual Programming Support is available to organizations that might otherwise be ineligible for Operating Assistance.  Potential applicants are encouraged to consult with the Grants Officer to ensure that they submit to the correct grant program and category.

3. Annual Assistance: Programs & Projects (Small Grants)

For groups seeking support for a single prorgam, project or series that recurs annually, Annual Assistance offers grants up to a maximum of $7,500.

  • Arts & Culture Grants |  Client Profile (Adobe fillable form)
  • Annual Assistance: Programs & Projects (Small Grants) |  Application Form (Adobe fillable form)
  • Programming & Project Assistance |  Budget Form (MS Excel Workbook)


Program Purpose

The general purpose of the Programming & Project Assistance program is to support programs or projects:

  • that directly engage the creativity of the community
  • that demonstrate a type or level of arts and cultural experience not otherwise available in North Vancouver
  • that foster the development of new, emerging and innovative arts practices,  OR
  • that are inclusive of diverse artistic traditions and cross-cultural practices

Policy Priorites

The Arts & Culture Grants Policy, adopted by City and District Councils in 2015, prioritizes two key areas for support through the Programming & Project Assistance Grant Program:

  • programs or projects that foster the development of emerging arts and cultural proactices  AND
  • programs or projects targeted at underserved sections of the population

Funding Expectations

Programming & Project Assistance grants do not provide continuing, indefinite support for an existing activity.  As a general rule, groups will be eligible to apply on an annual basis for the program or activity in development for up to five (5) years.  Grant support beyond five years will be subject to review.  In order to receive funding beyond five years, applicants must be able to demonstrate the ongoing value of the municipalities’ grant investment in the activity.


In order to be considered eligible for Programming & Project Assistance, organizations must:

  • be a registered not-for-profit or charitable organization or recognized arts group whose primary purpose is to provide arts and cultural experiences
  • have a history of delivering quality arts and cultural programs and services for a period of at least one (1) year prior to the application; and
  • conduct the programs or projects for which they are seeking support in North Vancouver, or be able to clearly demonstrate the benefit of the proposed programs or projects to North Vancouver residents
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