Programming & Project Assistance Grants

Lions Gate Youth Orchestra with dancers

Programming & project assistance grants support a wide range of activities that add value to the arts and cultural experiences of North Vancouver residents from the ongoing programming of established arts non-profits, to new and innovative initiatives that will be considered on a project-by-project basis.

The purpose of the programming & project assistance program is to support programs or projects that:

  • Directly engage the creativity of the community;
  • Demonstrate a type or level of arts and cultural experience not otherwise available in North Vancouver;
  • Foster the development of new, emerging and innovative arts practices; or
  • Are inclusive of diverse artistic traditions and cross-cultural practices.

Funding priorities

The Arts & Culture Grants Policy, adopted by City and District Councils in 2015, prioritizes two key areas for support through the programming & project assistance grant program:

  • Programs or projects that foster the development of emerging arts and cultural practices; and
  • Programs or projects targeted at underserved sections of the population.

Application materials

Applications to the programming & project assistance program are accepted in three categories: