Operating Assistance

Organizations that receive Operating Assistance play an important leadership role in supporting the vitality and growth of the arts, culture and creative sectors in North Vancouver.

The purpose of the Operating Assistance program is to identify, support and sustain the work of groups and organizations that play a leadership role in the arts in North Vancouver by virtue of:

  • the development, presentation or production of their own programs
  • their relationships with other groups in the creative and cultural sectors
  • the mentoring and support of emerging arts groups and practitioners
  • innovative partnerships with other sectors of the community or creative economy
  • or their capacity to respond to and deliver on the municipalities’ goals and objectives for arts and cultural development

Grants are available to support the operations, programming and initiatives of eligible North Vancouver organizations that have an established record for delivering quality arts and cultural programs and services.

When to Apply
  • Grants window opens: Monday, November 14, 2022  
  • Application deadline: Monday, January 16, 2023, 4:00pm PST  
  • Arts and Culture Grants review Committee Adjudication: March 2023 

Successful award funding processed upon receipt of the completed required reporting documents and the completed Grant Acceptance forms.

Program Eligibility - Operating Assistance

Operating Assistance represents a significant commitment to supporting the operations, programming and initiatives of eligible North Vancouver arts organizations that have consistently demonstrated leadership in the arts community.  Eligibilty for the Operating Assistance program must be established with the Cultural Services Superviso prior to submitting an application. 

As a minimum baseline, any arts organization wishing to be considered eligible for Operating Assistance, must:

  • be a registered not-for-profit or charitable organization with an active board whose primary purpose is to provide arts and cultural experiences in North Vancouver;
  • be located in North Vancouver;
  • have a history of professional arts practice in North Vancouver for at least two (2) years prior to the application;
  • conduct the majority of their work in North Vancouver;
  • have solid organizational capacity;
  • employ paid staff (full or part-time);
  • exhibit sound and independent management structures, provide strong leadership; and
  • offer either a year-round program or a full season of arts programming.
Application Materials

Applications for operating assistance should be approved by staff prior to applying.  Please contact arts-grants@nvrc.ca for more information.

The 2023 Application form is currently being revised and will be available in early fall. 

Download the Application form and Client Profile form.

Program Guidelines

The Operating Assistance Guidelines provide important information to guide organizations through the application process, including but not restricted to: eligibility considerations, submission requirements, evaluation and review criteria, and annual reporting obligations. 

Download the Operating Assistance Guidelines

Multi-Year Funding

Applicants to the Operating Assistance program may request multi-year grant support for up to a maximum of three (3) years.  The purpose of multi-year funding is to provide a stable funding environment locally, and to support local groups’ capacity to plan based on a reliable understanding of their funding picture. 

Grants may be awarded for one, two or three years.  Upon award of the grant, successful applicants will receive notice of a Grant Renewal Date and will not be required to submit a new application until the grant intake corresponding to the identified renewal date.


Annual Accountability & Reporting

In order to ensure the highest standards of accountability for the use of public funds, all Operating Assistance recipients, including organizations in receipt of multi-year funding, are required on an annual basis to provide:

  • an updated budget report together with their most recent completed financial statements;
  • an updated statistical report; and
  • a signed accountability report, briefly outlining the organization’s performance measures.

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture reports every year to City and District Councils on:

  • how the grants funding in that year has been allocated;
  • highlighted programs and activities that contribute to the quality of life in North Vancouver;
  • performance measures relating to the goals and objectives outlined in policy; and
  • the value of Councils’ investment in the arts.


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