The North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission has developed the following policies in order to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for participants and staff while enjoying the facilites and services.

Approved by the Policy & Planning Committee

Section 100: Administration Policies
100 Media Device Use in Facilities
101 Corporate Sponsorship
102 Advertising, Signage and Information Display
107 Volunteers
110 Supervision of Children
111 Conflict of Interest
113 Child Protection
116 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Section 200: Finance Policies
202 Financial Assistance Program
205 Liability for Renters
206 Client Accounts and Refunds
207 Fees and Charges
Section 300: Human Resources Policies
305 Workplace Equity
Section 400: Operations Policies
400 Parking
401 Recreation Facilities, Hours of Operation and Closure
402 Liquor Consumption
403 Rental of Facilites for Social Functions and Special Events
404 Allocation: Outdoor Playing Surfaces
405 Allocation: Recreation Facilities
407 Orderly Conduct
408 Lost and Found
409 Helmet Use at North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission Arenas