Mosquito Creek Trail - Bridge Underpass


This is a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the City of North Vancouver’s Public Art 
Program, seeking an artist to create and install a site-specific public art project as part of the 
Mosquito Creek Bewicke Trailhead improvements, in the City of North Vancouver.

The City of North Vancouver is in the process of upgrading the Bewicke Trailhead and the greenway that runs alongside of the creek, between Bewicke Avenue and Marine Drive. Upgrades include: a new trail-head kiosk, a paved multi-use trail, increased headroom under the 2nd Street Bridge, bridge lighting, new fencing to protect the creek habitat enhancements and tagging/graffiti removal from the area.   

Historically, this area has been somewhat secluded and was therefore an easy target for vandalism and tagging. This has recently changed with the arrival of a new residential complex that features several new pieces of public art and is home to more than 500 new residents.This public art call for expressions of interest focuses on a 65ft x 8ft cement wall located under the 2nd Street Bridge. The municipality is seeking a public artwork that will both add character to the location and serve as a deterrent to vandalism and tagging in the future.      

Call for Expressions of Interest
$19,000 (inclusive)
Eligibility guidelines: 

This public art call invites expressions of interest from all professional Artists or Artist Teams in British Columbia.

Submission Deadline: 
Friday, November 10, 2017 - 4:00pm
Mosquito Creek Underpass
Contact information: 
Or Deliver (USB Stick) to: 
Delbrook Community
Recreation Centre 
851 West Queens Road,
North Vancouver, BC, V7N 4E3 
Lori Phillips, Public Art Program
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