Burgeoning Burgeoning
Artist: Gallant, Illarion
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by the Staburn Property Group in partnership with the City of North Vancouver Developer Public Art Program


Reflecting the important community values of growth and prosperity, the imagery and narrative of Burgeoning is a leafed vine which flourishes in the urban environment. The sculpture was informed by the phototrophic tendency of plants to grow towards the full available light and energy of the sun. The texture of the stainless steel ivy is visually striking against the classic retro architecture of the brick building. This texture and the magnified scale of the work augments the visual experience.


Buffed Stainless Steel

About the Artist:

Victoria based sculptor/landscape artist Illarion Gallant has been a practicing professional artist since 1988. He specializes in large scale, site specific, outdoor urban sculpture pieces. The highly symbolic work references the connectivity between the evolution of the natural world and the human experience and interaction with the contemporary urban landscape. Gallant’s work can be found in Toronto, Calgary, Victoria and North Vancouver.

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