Artist: Senft, Douglas
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: City & District of North Vancouver, North Vancouver Community Arts Council


The steel beams in Cathedral were designed to reflect the outline of the mountains that surround the North Shore. The work is meant to reflect the artist's perception of spiritual quality within the landscape.  The public is invited to experience the "spirit inside the work" by walking through it. 


Waterfront Park 

Steel beams, 75' wide by 115' long

About the Artist:
Douglas Senft graduated with honours from the Vancouver School of Art in 1972. His work is in private and public collections, the City of Vancouver Municipal Collection, the Art Bank of Canada and the Washington State Arts Public Place Collection. After many years of designing and fabricating welded steel art furniture and architectural elements, he devoted the majority of his practice to the creation of public art projects at his studio in Royston, B.C.