First Light

Artist: Harwood, Oliver & Bortolotto, Marie
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: AMK Construction in partnership with the District of North Vancouver

The street name Sunnyhurst is an old Anglo-Saxon phrase for a sunny grove of trees. Here, a sun disc with ancient markings represent stories of the community embedded in the passage of time, while three tree totems suggest a family unit. A sunburst illuminates the pathway between them. The first light of dawn casts its rays upon the landscape, bringing a new day full of hope and vitality.


Sculpture - wood & marble


About the Artists:

Born in Paksong, Laos, Oliver Harwood grew up between Laos, Thailand, South Africa and Canada and is currently based in Vancouver, BC. He has a BA in History from the University of New Brunswick and a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His work is collected in Canada, Europe and USA.


Marie Bortolotto is both an artist and poet who lives in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a BFA, focusing on sculpture and performance art. During her studies, she lived and worked in Pietrasanta, Italy, a mecca for international stone sculptors and artisans. Her artwork emerges from a passion for organic forms and the processes of nature.