Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis by Ida PanQuo Vadis by Ida PanQuo Vadis
Artist: Ida Pan
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Toby Ltd in partnership with the District of North Vancouver's Developer Public Art Program.

Digital / Light, Sculpture

Quo Vadis, is a Latin phrase meaning, “where are you going?” Within this public artwork the artist has creatively integrated surrounding geographical references with contemporary architectural design. Directly south of the building there are industrial railway tracks servicing the nearby working waterfront and to the north there are roadways, intersections, on-ramps and transit hubs with people coming and going in all directions. This infinite flow of people prompted thoughts of directions, margins, timeframes, work, play migrations, limits, edges and travel. Working with the concrete wall’s nine square game board grid and railway crossing references the artist playfully interjects notions of "Where are you going? Where am I going? Where are we going? Where is the world going?…Quo Vadis …


Illuminated lettering and paint. 

About the artist:
Italian born, inter-disciplinary designer Ida Maria Pan defines herself an “idealista magica, a person who wishes and attempts to equally transform thoughts into things and things into thoughts". Her passion for photography began at a very young age and she spent some of her youth working as a journalist and photo reporter both in Canada and overseas before entering the work force in the film industry. After living abroad for years, Ida Maria returned to Vancouver were she now lives and dedicates her time to a range of artistic endeavors.