Reflective Drop

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Artist: Mehdizadehjafari, Hooman
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: District of North Vancouver Public Art Program


Suspended from the stairwell ceiling, Reflective Drop captures the elegance and tension of a falling water droplet.  As it descends, this sculptural droplet has captured images of the diverse ecosystem associated with nearby Capilano Canyon.  

Look closely to see birds, fish, plants and wildlife hidden within the exquisite patterning and on occasion notice how the sculpture’s blue lighting, changes colour in response to seasonal or community cues.


Laser cut stainless steel, and LED lighting 

About the Artist

Hooman Mehdizadehjafari, creator of Hoomanart is an award-winning Iranian-Canadian visual artist and designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Graduated from the Tehran University of Art with a Master’s in Sculpture and Painting, Hooman uses art form as a powerful medium to create connection and conversation. Often featuring bio-mimicry, Hooman’s art is activated by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and how the geometric forms and movements found in natural organisms create dynamic imagery in the most harmonious way.

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