Spirit Trail Benches

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Artist: Baker, Wade
Category: Community
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Siyamin Artist Cooperative in partnership with the City of North Vancouver


The Siyamin Artist Cooperative under the direction of artist Wade Baker created a series of bronze plaques depicting various Squamish legends .


About the Artist:
Mintle-e-da-us (Wade Stephen Baker) was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1956. His Kwakiutl native name is Mintle-e-da-us which means place of plenty. His mother is high ranking nobility of the Kingcome Inlet people, Kwakiutl Nation, British Columbia. His late father, descended from Chief Capilano, was Coast Salish, Squamish Nation. Wade is a self taught artist who was inspired as a child by watching his relatives, master carvers Mungo Martin and Henry Hunt. He lives in North Vancouver.