Strength and Remembrance

Strength & Remembrance Strength & Remembrance Strength & Remembrance
Artist: Broomfield, Jody
Category: Other
Status: Existing
Sponsor: North Shore Violence Against Women in Relationships Committee with the City and District of North Vancouver and the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations


This carved red cedar pole stands in remembrance of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls across Canada, the fourteen women murdered in the Montreal Massacre and all women who suffer in silence as victims of violence.

At the top of the pole is a woman wrapped in a blanket with eyes closed in a peaceful state to honour all loved ones who have suffered. Below her is an eagle imparted with the power to carry prayers to the creator.



Stella Jo Dean Plaza (East 14th Street - next to RCMP Facility)

Hand carved red cedar

About the artist:
Sinàmkin Jody Broomfield was born in North Vancouver and now resides on the traditional village of Xwemelch'stn (Homulchesan) in West Vancouver, BC. A full time artist since 1999, Jody has observed and studied the Salish Art Form intensively. He employs many mediums, including wood, etched glass, metal and clothing, to create beautiful masks, panels, carved doors and house posts as well as an array of paintings, prints and jewellery.