Water Factory

Artist: Walker, Douglas
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: District of North Vancouver

Fountain, Functional, Sculpture

Inspired by artist Douglas Walker's boyhood dreams, Water Factory is a sculptural maze of pipes mounted on the side of the big red barn at Maplewood Farm.  The kinetic sculpture is intended to be functional in the barn drainage system as well as being entertaining and interactive for people visiting the farm. The sculpture is a great example of recycling and repurposing of materials. Employing the design concept of “form and function”, the sculpture performs both of these elements by capturing the power of water and of wind.


Recycled metal, copper, musical instruments.  
Length 11ft, Height 13ft, Depth 1 ft, Weight 325 lbs (approx.

About the artist:
Douglas Walker is a Canadian sculptor based on Vancouver Island. Working mainly with a variety of recycled non-ferrous metal objects, he creates sculptures best described as whimsical and Rube Goldberg-like. Most of his sculptures are kinetic and often involve water. Douglas is best known for turning discarded musical instruments such as tubas and trombones into water features. Works created by Douglas can be found in public and private collections throughout North America, the UK, United Arab Emirates and Australia.