Waterwheel & Shell

Artist: Taylor, Doug
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: City of North Vancouver

Functional, Other

Waterwheel & Shell is the result of a collaborative artistic process between the artist, local residents and civic planners. Their goal was to create a unique and engaging addition to the water park that would spark the imagination of community members of all ages.   For children, the work is a great dunking machine and an opportunity to learn about simple mechanics. For adults, it is a graceful vertical element in the park that emits a gentle mist and magical sense of motion.


Mahon Park

Stainless Steel, polycarbonate paddles, cast aluminum shell
19' high x 8' wide. 

About the artist:
Doug Taylor was born in Chilliwack, BC. His public installation sculpture has focused largely on wind, water and solar powered features. Kinetic in nature, his work is often characterized by whimsical, folk art inspired elements.