Artist: Harry, James
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: PC Urban


The Squamish people have always shared an interconnection with the land, animals and water. The frog represents ancient knowledge and connection to our ancestors. The frog can communicate with the spirit world and transmit messages through song. This work is part of a series continuing to celebrate Squamish Nation visual art language, an art form that was almost lost. This work is a symbol of the resurgence of Salish art and the reclamation of space. The frog to the Squamish people represents change, rebirth, and signs of the spring season. The songs of the frog served as a reminder to our people to put away their winter activities and prepare for the spring and summer harvest.

The story of this place begins with the Squamish Nation and their connection to the land. The riverbanks of British Columbia have always been home to Coast Salish people. They formulated our lives around rivers and Oceans. Locally they situated themselves in a village nearby called X̱wemelch’stn (Capilano River).  This artwork is located in the Capilano River area. 



Water Jet Cut Metal - Plexi - Lighting

1998 Glenaire Drive, North Vancouver


About the Artist
James’ work stands on the foundation of his experience growing up as a member of the Squamish Nation and his affiliation with Coast Salish leaders. In his art, James combines the use of modern tools, materials and techniques to integrate the traditional with the contemporary. He is committed to continue the journey of self-discovery, while studying and responding to the voice developed through his ancestors’ way of creating.     www.jamesharry.ca/