Youth Studio in the City - Laneway 45

Laneway 45 Laneway 45 Laneway 45 Laneway 45
Artist: Ollinger, Mark & students
Category: Community
Status: Existing
Sponsor: North Vancouver Arts Council in partnership with the City of North Vancouver


Studio in the City 11 - Laneway 45
Local Artist Mark Ollinger along with the help of Harrison Clark, Kiana Delsouz, Grace Gale, Abby Graham, Emma Jeffrey, Clarice Mah, Liam McAdam and Mika Yekrangian came together to pay homage to Lower Lonsdale's very own Veterans club. Through art, they bring to life symbolic images which are derived from this historic building and its people. The colours, imagery, and geometric shapes which compose the background, all hold great significance, and each have their own story to be told. 

Thanks to the City of North Vancouver for providing funding and opportunities for local artists through the annual "Studio in the City” program. This project in partnership with the North Vancouver Arts Council is about the history of the Army & Navy organization on 3rd St. off Lonsdale Avenue. The colour scheme of the mural draws from the colours of the ANAVETS logo with elements from army, navy and air force revealed through discrete colour changes within the geometric pattern. The colours chosen are pulled directly from the organization's crest. This mural hopes to transform this unused space in our community and generate a creative public space for the public to enjoy.

"This design aims to keep true to veterans who have served our country, and to what the organization stands for. The shapes that make up the mural were built using a Canadian Air Force saying, Per Ardua Ad Astra, which means through Adversity to the Stars". 
- Mark Ollinger 


Painted Mural

About the artist:

Mark Ollinger’s work examines the linear progression of time, mapping the trajectory of a conscious experience as it weaves through space and time. Ollinger creates sculptural works and paintings out of wood, fibres and other materials to highlight a singular line folding over and under itself, describing both symmetry and hidden language. The continuous line acts as a symbol for multiple systems and meanings such as calendars, historical timelines, charts, compasses, transit and roads, or depictions of natural systems. 

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