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Mural, North Vancouver Mural North Vancouver, Indigenous
Artist: Joseph, Siobhan & Natraoro, Ray
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: City of North Vancouver


Ray Natraoro (north wall)

The north wall connects with the land and honours the Squamish Nation Members and Indigenous ancestors they descend from, represented as the faces in the top row.  They are the guardian spirits watching and guiding the children and people of today represented in the bottom row of faces. 

The wavy line references the sacred waterways that served as transportation routes for the ancestors to maintain nation to nation relationships. The Village of Esla7ah was and still is known as a canoe carving village the same as prior to first contact. Other villages throughout their territory and beyond would come to commission make their canoes.  

Siobhan Joseph (south wall)

The south wall connects with the waters of the inlet and the artist had recently learned that the area near the Village of Esla7ah, was called Salt Water.  Hence her mural design honours the sea and sea life such depicting the grey whale, orca, giant pacific octopus, six gilled shark, pacific white sided dolphin, sea lion, salmon, sea otter with the crab sea urchins, and clams.  The center circle design is the salmon chief (Kwus).


Painted Mural 
Project Management - Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF)