Cumulus Nimbus (Light Beam)

Maskull Lassere, public art North Vancouver, sculpturepublic art North Vancouver, sculptrure, Maskull LasserePublic Art North Vancouver, sculpture, Maskull LasserrePublic Art North Vancouver, Maskull LasserrePublic Art Canada, Maskull Lasserre
Artist: Lasserre, Muskull
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Adera Pivot Projects in coordination with the District of North Vancouver Public Art Program


A symbolic cloud floats by a remnant of this neighbourhood's industrial heritage. This unlikely pairing of subject and material challenges expectations of solidity and balance, presence and absence. In a work that references clouds as a source of imagination and visual play, wisps of memory and metaphor intersperse with allusions to breath and language, history and the present.