Eventually #2

Artist: Kuby, Adam
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: District of North Vancouver


Tucked into a meadow located directly behind the Lynn Canyon Café, this artwork addresses the primal power of life. Five huge granite slabs that transition from sharp to jagged to worn resemble a zipper that is being opened up. Carefully selected trees with varying growth speeds and root-ball size have been planted adjacent to the stones, giving the viewer the time-lapsed impression of powerful forces so apparently at work in the canyon below.


Local Granite and natural plant materials


About the Artist:

Adam Kuby has an MFA in sculpture from the University of North Carolina. He defines his works as "collaborations with the built and natural world that aim to foster a sense of connectedness in our increasingly fractured environment".  He sees each project as "an opportunity to explore how human activity and natural systems can better coexist and how art can promote a deeper sense of place". Mr. Kuby resides in Portland, Oregon.