At Home

Public Art, Covid, Pandemic, SculpturePublic Art, North Vancouver, Covid, Pandemic, SculpturePublic Art, Covid, Pandemic, North Vancouver, SculpturePublic Art, Covid-19, Pandemic, SculpturePublic Art, Covid-19, Pandemic, SculpturePublic Art, Covid-19, Pandemic, SculpturePublic Art North Vancouver, Covid-19, Pandemic, SculpturePublic Art North Vancouver, Covid-19 Art, Pandemic Art, Sculpture
Artist: Williams, Blake
Category: Community
Status: Existing

Mosaic, Sculpture

This sculpture is a response to the effects of COVID-19 on our local community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people found themselves isolated in their homes and unsure how to navigate a socially distanced reality that left them separated from their community. AT HOME’s metal forms mimic individual houses, each socially distanced six feet apart. Text and images on the outside-facing panels of each home reflect shared pandemic experiences and the nature around us.

AT HOME’s inside-facing panels feature a sample of drawings, paintings, and photographs from City of North Vancouver community members as part of the COVID-19 COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS MOSAIC project coordinated by artists Sandrine Pelissier & Sophie Babeanu.  Hundreds of images received for this online, digital mosaic project were unified into one cohesive image representing hope and resiliency. Activated during pandemic stay-at-home orders, the project provided a vehicle to share memories and experiences while staying socially distanced.  See the digital mosic here.

Commissioned by North Van Arts on behalf of The Mayor’s Healthiest Small City Social Resiliency Collective. The Collective, convened by City of North Vancouver Mayor Linda Buchanan in 2020 with representation from over 20 community leaders, met at the onset of COVID-19 to activate projects intended to advance equity, diversity, community connection, and partnerships.




Grand Boulevard Park (15th Street)

Ceramic Silkscreened Tiles & Metal Framework