Integrated Plane


Commissioned by the City of North Vancouver in 1975, Integrated Plane is an abstract sculpture that explores North Vancouver’s geographical extremes — a spectacular coastal mountain range that is spliced by narrow river canyons. While the sculpture remains in its original location on City Hall’s rooftop garden, it was refurbished and given new life as part of the North Vancouver City Hall expansion project in 2012.


Nine foot square sculpture in corrosion resistant steel.


About the Artist:

Barry Cogswell is a painter, sculptor and ceramicist. He has been working in Vancouver, BC since he emigrated from London in 1969. Mr. Cogswell taught at the Vancouver School of Art, the Banff School of the Arts, Douglas College and Capilano College prior to retirement in 2004. His current paintings focus on the ongoing loss of species due to the destruction of the world's rainforests.