Artist: Dam de Nogales, Veronica & Edwin
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Bosa Development + DNV Public Art Program


In(essence) is a lasting reminder of the fragile beauty of nature, as the deer innocently lifts its head to the sky.  With rich colours and elongated form, it creates a passageway symbolic of quiet living, of being one with the woods, of silent majestic encounters with wildlife, and of embracing a pause in time. 


2780 Valley Centre Avenue

Bronze Deer

About the Artists:
Veronica de Nogales Leprevost, born in Barcelona in 1970, and Edwin Timothy Dam, born in Hamilton, Ontario in the same year, met at an art exhibition in 1997 at the Gereralitat de Barcelona. Discovering that they shared an intense curiosity for life, nature and sculpting, they married and began exhibiting together. Over time it became increasingly difficult to distinguish the works of one from the other so they began to sculpt together, co-signing each work that they created. Now residing in Canada, the pair create large scale public sculptures.