Artist: Voyce, Bruce
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Vancouver Pacific Development Corporation in partnership with the City of North Vancouver

Digital / Light, Sculpture

Lightwave is a twenty-five foot tall sculpture consisting of upward spirals that softly pulse with waves of colour. The intricate filigree waves sequentially glow revealing hidden patterns within the sculpture. The sculpture continually changes due to the ambient light that illuminates its panels. Solar LED lights create a nocturnal twinkling at the tip of the artwork. The sculpture is fitted with a microphone hidden inside a metal flower sculpture placed 15 feet away. The public is invited to speak into the flower and observe how the light show in the sculpture changes in response to the tonal qualities of sound.


25 ft tall, perforated galvanized steel, acrylic panels, LED lighting

About the artist:

Visual arts have been an integral part of Bruce Voyce’s life since childhood. His artistic practice has evolved to embrace public art, and the creation of works of art that enrich our common spaces. He has lived in various parts of the country, spending early years in London, Ontario before studying at McGill University and eventually settling in Vancouver. After studying art and sculpture in Florence and Pietrasanta Italy, Bruce returned to Canada and began to create public art projects. With numerous local and international projects, Bruce’s public art combines culture, nature, and technology to create complex artworks that surpass expectation.

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