North Shore Rhapsody


This commissioned sculpture was originally part of the rejuvenation plan for Lower Lonsdale area.  The sculpture was chosen for its ability to reflect a celebration of time both past and present.  The metal and gold-painted cement sculpture depicts a harpist performing the musical tale of the North Shore, a history that is cronicalled on the back side of the harp, where viewers can see scenes depicting the first mill, the street car, local ferry, fishing industry and musical concerts. 

Originally placed in Rodger’s Plaza next commercial buildings and high rises, it was eventually moved to its current home in Centennial Theatre to protect it from weather damage.





Metal, concrete, paint

About the Artist:
Sculptor Ryszard Wojciechowski (1939-2003) was born in Poland. He studied art and received his degree with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1964.  Shortly thereafter, he accepted a teaching position at the academy and began a lifelong career devoted to sculpture.  In response to unrest in Poland, he eventually moved to Italy and then to Canada in 1990.  Today his works can be found Poland, Italy and Canada.  To find out more about the artist visit his website at