The Pier - Fixtures

Functional, Integrated

These fixtures are meant to serve as material references to some of the techniques used in ship building technology to link past with future. The resultant objects are not seen as simply replicas of nautical things but are interpretations of the direct and simple use of wood and steel that informed the ship building industry in Canada.

Viewing Perch - The metal stair at the end of the pier is transparent steel mesh and checkerboard metal, classic shipbuilding materials. A binocular is perched on the end for viewing Burrard Inlet, downtown Vancouver and the working port. Wheels placed under the platform suggest the movement of large elements that used to take place along the pier.

Bike Racks - Large perforated sheets of galvanized metal are welded to folded metal dowels to create bike racks. These imitate dowels used to bend ship's pipes and ducts.

Trash Receptacles - These were inspired by steel rolling technologies used in the shipyards. The receptacles have been given a handle to add a lyrical silhouette against the harbour and are galvanized to give a rough and ready industrial finish typical of industrial products.


About the Artists:
Bill Pechet received degrees in Geography and Visual Arts from the University of Victoria, in 1979 and 1981 respectively, followed by a professional degree in Architecture in 1987 from the University of British Columbia School of Architecture. Bill is a frequent lecturer on issues of the built urban environment and the critical role that public space can play in the development of healthy and vibrant cities.

Stephanie Robb, BA BArch Architect AIBC, is a registered architect who holds a post-graduate degree in architecture from the University of British Columbia, and an under-graduate degree in visual art from Simon Fraser.