The Pier - Seating

Artist: Pechet & Robb
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: City of North Vancouver


Benches at the Pier have incorporated folded-plate backs, steel plates of varying heights connected to the concrete bases, and wooden shapes taken from patterns used to cut ship hulls. The benches serve as examples of metal technology and simple construction methods found in the shipbuilding industry. Other bench designs incorporate oversized connecting clamps, perforations and the insertion of piping through openings. At night many of the benches are under lit and become urban lanterns.

Pattern Benches - The erratically shaped wooden bench-seats at the foreshore were inspired by the wood template technology used to create hull shapes. Large pieces of wood were placed onto gridded surfaces so that the shipbuilders could draw hulls in full scale on the ground.


Steel mesh, metal. Approximately 25' x 12' x 4'

About the Artists:
Bill Pechet received degrees in Geography and Visual Arts from the University of Victoria, in 1979 and 1981 respectively, followed by a professional degree in Architecture in 1987 from the University of British Columbia School of Architecture. Bill is a frequent lecturer on issues of the built urban environment and the critical role that public space can play in the development of healthy and vibrant cities.

Stephanie Robb, BA BArch Architect AIBC, is a registered architect who holds a post-graduate degree in architecture from the University of British Columbia, and an under-graduate degree in visual art from Simon Fraser.