Sea Change

Sea Change, Jill Anholt, Public Art Sea Change, Jill Anholt, Public Art, North Vancouver Jill Anholt, Sea Change, Public Art, North Vancouver
Artist: Anholt, Jill
Sponsor: Polygon Homes Ltd. + City North Vancouver Public Art Program

Digital / Light

Sea Change celebrates North Vancouver’s connection to the waterfront by marking the location of the historic tideline and by serving a symbolical reminder of the importance of water to humanity. The artwork mimics the ephemeral and magical feeling of being immersed within a body of water, as if light was penetrating an undersea world through water ripples above the tunnel.  This watery effect is created using a series of LED lights and mirrored panels that refract light patterns onto the surfaces of the tunnel.  When the tunnel is unoccupied the artwork will cast a gentle rippling light effect, but when a pedestrian or cyclist enters along the Spirit Trail, they will trigger a wave of blue/green light cascading along the wall in front of them.   


About the Artist:
Jill Anholt is a visual artist based in Vancouver, B.C. who has been creating site specific works in the public realm since 1998. Her installations explore the relationship between nature and infrastructure, body and place; revealing layers of personal and cultural memory and experience. 


Seabus Bus Loop

LED Lights & Stainless Steel