Sea Glass Benches

Seaglass Bench by Brent ComberSeaglass Bench by Brent ComberSeaglass Bench by Brent Comber
Artist: Comber, Brent
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Grosvenor Americas in partnership with the District of North Vancouver’s Public Art Program


The Seaglass Bench is inspired by the Pacific Northwest, shaped like a half shell of the bi-valve clams that are found scattered on the sandy shores. Along the shore the shells are mixed with bits of seaglass, whose once sharp edges have been smoothed by the sea. The coastal habitat serves as a reminder of the tenacity and generosity of our Mother Nature.



Yellow Cedar and concrete

About the artist

Brent Comber is a North Vancouver based artist specializing in creating sulpted objects, functional pieces and designed environments.