Seylynn Village Sculptures

Girl Guide Seylynn VillageSeylynn Village Girl GuideSeylynn Village Girl GuideSeylynn Village Mountain BikerSeylynn Village Mountain Biker
Artist: Weppler, Rhonda and Mahovsky, Trevor
Category: Developer
Status: In Process
Sponsor: North Shore Properties Seylynn Village


A series of five life size bronze and aluminum sculptures will be located in areas throughout the Seylynn Village site. The figures serve as markers of place and are inspired by both historical and current activities that North Vancouver is well known for including mountain biking, hiking and dog walking. The figures are engaged in collecting and wayfaring activities and carrying unusual items such as the shell encrusted boulder being pulled by the girl guide in her wagon. The sculptures also incorporate elements that have been cast directly from the environment of the North Shore including shells, plants, branches and rocks. 

This is a work in progress with each new piece being installed in phases.



A series of five life size bronze and aluminum sculptures located throughout the Seylynn Village site, some at grade and some on building rooftops.