Trees & Trail Markers

Artist: Art.Site
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Polygon in partnership with the District of North Vancouver


Trees - Each of the art gates surrounding the Wedgewood townhome development works together to create a form of visual poetry that express the rhythms of the forest in nearby Inter River Park. This forest is an increasingly uncommon example of a big leaf maple river delta ecosystem.

Trail Markers - These two boulders mark the end of the Lillooet Cattle Trail. Completed in 1887, the trail was built through one of the most rugged sections of BC to bring cattle from the lush grasslands of Lillooet to markets in Vancouver. Sadly the trail saw only one cattle drive as the terrain proved too difficult for animals to navigate.




About the artists: specializes in the integration of art and architecture. Led by artists Claudia Cuesta and Bill Baker, they create unique environmentally aware collaborations with architects, landscape architects and designers. Working with materials such as glass, steel, bronze, stone, aluminum, light, and water, the artists often re-use and adapt materials to work for each project.